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PR makes the world go round

PRWhat is PR and Strategic communications? How this communicative discipline helps companies and why organizations should collaborate with PR agency or consultant.PR history started many years ago and PR-strategic communications are considered as the most effective and simple ways for formatting and managing social opinion. It’s not surprise if I say that PR makes the world go round.

Nowadays PR consulting groups (agencies) are very popular all around the world. Business sectors as well as governmental and non-governmental sectors use their services. PR became too popular nowadays because currency was changed with image and reputation. May be you have the capital, office, have employees, but if there is not information about your organization, image and reputation, it means you have not done anything. Exactly PR agencies care about creating information, image and reputation that will be reflected on sales and the number of loyal customers.

Our interview guest is Eldar Pirsmisashvili, the founder of Strategic Communication Agency “Peritus Group”.

Why is it so important for organization to collaborate with Consulting group and what benefits come from these relationship?

The most important principle for our consulting team “Peritus Group” is the satisfaction of our clients. Collaborating with us our clients get more benefits and developing perspectives. Minimal costs and maximal outcome – this is what we promise. Peritus is already working on the market for five years but all managers have 10 years working experience in this sphere. Good image and reputation has the great importance, success of the organization depends on it. Our clients get high competence, professionalism and more benefits with fewer costs from collaborating with consulting group. This is the core argument for partnering with Peritus Group. Our work is result-oriented. It looks like chain reaction as our strategy gives awareness, confidence, loyalty, and sales promotion to the companies.

What is the important aspect for effective working and what about the sequence of activities?

Our working steps include the whole cycle for company development. We start from research and all the following works are based on them, evaluate company resources and development stages. “Peritus Group” services include: Marketing, branding, PR, event management, media planning. These services make company working more effective and its messages reach the target audience. Our main point besides competence and professionalism is our flexibility; we determine company needs and our expert view helps us to identify customers and company needs, we become the part of the company and work together for achieving the goal.

What is your approach to organizations and service fees?

Our mission is “aspiration to perfection, enthusiasm, power based on knowledge, ethic and professionalism are our motive power”. We every day prove our mission. We are
“Peritus” that in Latin stands for Expert. We are Peritus, team of young and spirited practitioners entering the market of integrated communications with fresh ideas and vision. Modern technologies, flexibility and active nature of our team enable us to deliver our quality service fastest in Georgia. In our work we put our knowledge and enthusiasm together with all the experience gathered within tens of years by native and foreign experts. For you Peritus means innovation, expertise and development.

We don’t work without strategy. Sequence and regulative work are basic components that create more effect and benefit for our clients. We have planned and implemented 45 projects during our career. We collaborate with such successful organizations as Johnson & Johnson, USAID, Tentorium, UN and etc.

Our news and innovation refers to the development of strategic communication market. Our web-site peritus.ge enables clients to choose the service and prices. Only Peritus has this service and customers who prefer new technologies can buy online our services via our site. We don’t stop and go ahead with new technologies. Trust Peritus and invested resources in company image and PR will be reflected on the development and success of company.

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